Another Update

todicus posted Jun 29, 16


It's the most important part of the server, the lore and the story coming together to make a truly cohesive experience unlike any other. But this isn't a book, it's a game; so what is truely the most important aspect of Rising Shadows?


The questline of Rising Shadows is fantastic. There, i've said it. Note, it's not quite finished yet, i've spent the past month or so writing it and drawing in all the resources and lore that we've created over the last year or so into a really bloomin' awesome questline.

I can't express how excited I am about this server. I've never been more motivated to sit for hours on end and just write about these characters and events, it's truly a separate entity now. We have a beginning, a middle and an end to our story, everything is tied in a nice little loop. But after that the story starts again, it has the potential to be endless with new expansions and content all based inside our world and our universe.

The problem is...I can't show you any of this, for it would spoil the game, just know that in a while the server will open, the world will come to life and you'll be very, very entertained.

But hey, if quests and story aren't your thing then there's plenty more. Ever heard of a little game called Skyrim? Well you can play it for hours and hours without ever touching a quest, be it miscellaneous or from the main questline. Rising Shadows is the same. We have something for everyone.

If you want to keep up to date with non-quest or story things then keep an eye on the Spoiler Forum, it's full of fun mechanics and stuff that i've been working on.